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Idiots on the Road - Series...

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Gremlin SA Submitted on the 2014/07/30 20:56:53
By: Gremlin SAGremlin SA is offline
Location : South Africa
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Joined : 2009/03/06 16:35:47


On my Youtube channel, I have a selection of dash cam video's recorded of several idiots on the road..
As I record I will be adding to the list..
As a note: The closest I came to an accident with a idiot jumping a stop, I made sure to recite the license plate.. YPB 589 GP ...

What ever is eating at you, Must be suffering horribly.

Post last Edited by Gremlin SA on 2014/07/30 20:58:55
Unity Submitted on the 2019/10/01 11:40:48
By: UnityUnity is offline
Location : South Africa
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Total count : 9326
Joined : 2009/03/06 19:07:32


Thanks Gremmy...

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.

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