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Scam/Phishing site for MSN/Live Messenger logins - Beware

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Gremlin SA Submitted on the 2009/10/07 21:30:24
By: Gremlin SAGremlin SA is offline
Location : South Africa
Community Ranking : Friendship God : 10001000100010001000100010001000
Total count : 1744
Joined : 2009/03/06 16:35:47


Today i received a request from a MSN mate that i very seldom chat with ...

The message was :
oh my God!!!! cant belive you could be so cheap lol ...

http://************/?gallery=[Msn User]&pic=DSC00519.JPG

and a little later i got
omg Michael Jackson was murdered i cant belive that ... *puffff*
check out these few photos but they are abit blurry .. im confused....


If you get such a request rather ignore it..

Hmm and if your wondering what the full address is i'm not going to post it here, but just know it reads 'face the truth'

What ever is eating at you, Must be suffering horribly.
Firechild Submitted on the 2009/10/08 22:24:52
By: FirechildFirechild is offline
Location : South Africa
Community Ranking : Community Manager : 1000100010001000100010001000
Total count : 7136
Joined : 2009/03/08 14:38:05


Thanks for sharing this gremmy

You! Off my planet!
Administrator Submitted on the 2009/11/30 10:31:23
By: AdministratorAdministrator is offline
Location : South Africa
Community Ranking : Site Admin : 0
Total count : 12
Joined : 2009/03/06 22:28:45


Just to clarify a few details.

The Site now seems to be able to login to a multiple of different sites, Including MSN, Facebook, Twitter & many others..

Clicking on the link provided will ask you to 'LOGIN' using your MSN, Facebook, Twitter account... However you are not login in, you are handing over your login details to the site..

It will now use your details and login as you and send requests to your friends to do the same ....

Remeber ... Please be safe on the net .. and always double check where you are loging into ...

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