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Add Ins, BHO's and my latest project

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HanneSThEGreaT Submitted on the 2011/02/22 13:31:00
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Well, I have been so busy with my own projects for a change. It has been hectic!

I am trying to market myself for a change - not saying I'm looking for a job, just saying, I am concentrating on my own needs and desires lately - which I haven't done since 2001.

The first project that kept me busy was making an Outlook Add In. Now, I'm a lazy guy. Frequently I get these hilarious emails I just have to save - it ended up being a very time consuming and tedious process. So, I made an add in that sits on Outlook's toolbar. As i get emails, it gets stored in an outlook folder. Then, I click my button and it saves all the attachments and emails ( if there is no attachments ) in that folder to my backups folder.

The seond project was creating a Browser helper object - in C#. My wife does AVon, so, their website is so stupid. I wrote a program that you input the orders, then it checks for duplicate items and count them, once that is done, it gets sent to the physical Avon order page and fills in all the orders. This has cut my wife's ordering time into less than a querter of the time!

I have also created my own forum in PHP, so now I'm just waiting to make it live, as my finances are not good - as always.

The current project I am doing is trying to make a DRM for pictures. DRM is digital rights management - it is what they use to copy protect cds and stuff. Now, when a picture is on the internet, it is very easy to copy it to your computer. Yes, there is some javascript code that can prevent that, but my project will protect the picture itself, so that javascreipt and the like is no more necessary.

That's is what has been keeping me out of trouble lately

Computer Literacy Taining
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